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57 – How Can I

The Strikers – Comedy House

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Posted by on 2014/12/17 in Shows | 0 comments

It wasn’t until the past couple years that Korean hip-hop acts began performing in the U.S., so it was a pleasure to experience Korean hip-hop in New York City this past November as a part of AOMG‘s...

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Boys in the Kitchen (보이즈 인더 키친) : Boys in the Kitchen

Posted by on 2014/12/17 in Reviews | 0 comments

This charming debut EP from four-piece alternative rock band Boys In the Kitchen flirts lightheartedly with a sound that recalls 90s grunge rock, which is quite unlike any other Korean bands I’ve heard. Formed in...

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Interview with 1TON

Posted by on 2014/12/16 in Featured, Interviews | 0 comments

I was introduced to Taesub, guitarist of 1TON, by JaeHyuk of Yellow Monsters....

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KIRARA : rcts

Posted by on 2014/12/16 in Reviews | 0 comments

According to her Bandcamp page, KIRARA‘s rcts is a collection of tracks...

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Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소) : 순간

Posted by on 2014/12/15 in Reviews | 0 comments

Sweden Laundry is back with their infamous “coffee shop music”...

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The March Kings : Vivid Night

Posted by on 2014/12/14 in Reviews | 0 comments

I found The March Kings though a couple of YouTube videos, but then they...

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Cosmoshippie (우주히피) : 3

Posted by on 2014/12/11 in Reviews | 0 comments

I’ve been listening to a lot of folk lately; I think it comes with being tired...

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Ktown Cowboys Teaser features actor Big Phony

Posted by on 2014/12/10 in News | 0 comments

While we don’t normally cover movies, Big Phony shared the teaser...

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Vote For Your Favorite Albums of 2014

Posted by on 2014/12/10 in News | 0 comments

The end of the year is coming quickly and we’re compiling our personal...

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Kiha & The Faces : Heart of Man

Posted by on 2014/12/09 in Reviews | 0 comments

Whether you enjoy Kiha & The Faces’s unorthodox style or not, they...

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10cm : 3.0

Posted by on 2014/12/04 in Reviews | 1 comment

It’s been two years since 2.0 by 10cm and their 2014 return with 3.0 was...

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ECE (Emergency Call Equipment) : Lift Me Glory (나를 번쩍)

Posted by on 2014/12/03 in Reviews | 0 comments

I was introduced to Emergency Call Equipment or ECE though a bunch of...

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itta’s 함창감음(咸昌感音 – HAMCHANG Sound Imagination) is a pure representation of life

Posted by on 2014/12/03 in News | 0 comments

I was able to see TENGGER perform in Shinchon during my visit to South Korea...

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Bomroya (봄로야) : The Burden of Sara

Posted by on 2014/12/02 in Reviews | 0 comments

An illustrator, writer, and musician, Bomroya is quite the multi-talented...

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Contest: Win a free CD during December

Posted by on 2014/12/02 in Contests, News | 2 comments

When I visit Seoul, I visit Hyang Music and buy around $300 to $400 worth of...

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