Stereotype (스테레오타입) : Come Back James

From what I remember Stereotype started showing up in my Facebook feed along with the Korean Indie Instagram account. I followed the band as they were posting updates on the recording of their first EP. From what I heard, I thought that Stereotype would be a harder...

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Ahn Ye Eun (안예은) : Ahn Ye Eun

Kpop Star Runner-Up Ahn Ye Eun does not waste any time trying to make a sunny first impression in her self-produced debut album’s opener, “Elope.” Sass seeps in the spaces between her phrases — with a flick of her voice, she releases each line in a nonchalant, snappy...

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CoreMagaZinE (코어매거진) : Nap

Considering the title, Nap is more than perfect because, almost every time I listened to it, I ended up falling into sleep. It could be because it was usually night time when I listened to CoreMagaZinE, but I don’t think that is the only reason. It is because the...

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Pre-holiday (프리홀리데이) : Table 6

I saw Pre-holiday on Bandcamp and took a quick preview of "At This Time" before immediately buying the EP. Her voice was warm and deep and not what I was expecting. She classifies her music across a number of genres like neo-soul, electronic, synthpop, and triphop. I...

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Love X Stereo Open Patreon to Release 37 Songs in 2017

I got a vague message from Annie from Love X Stereo this morning to check my email. She shared news that Love X Stereo started a Patreon account for a new project. The duo's plan is to release 37 new songs in 2017. To do this, they started a Patreon account to get the...

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Best of 2016 : Reader’s Pick

Voting for the Reader's Pick for Release of 2016 finished on December 24, 2016. Actually it ended sometime the morning of the 25th because I forgot. Anyway, there were 325 votes for the release of the year. This is a lot more than I thought there would be, but it's...

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Choose Our Reader’s Best Release of 2016

Voting for the Reader's Pick ended at 8 PM December 15, 2016. In the end there were 95 responses. That doesn't include the votes I deleted because they didn't follow the rules stated. In total, 93 artists were submitted. I manually counted the votes, checked for...

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Vote For Your Favorite Album of 2016

We're opening up voting for our Reader's Pick for the best album of 2016. Enter your top three choices in the form and we'll list the top ten most voted artists. From this list of ten, readers will be able to vote for their top three favorites for 2016. Submissions...

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Interview with UZA (우자)

After seeing UZA on YouTube, I reached out on her Facebook page. She actually responded back in about five minutes which surprised the hell out of me. I asked if she'd be interested in an interview and she agreed. After sending the questions over and waiting, I found...

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Interview with DISQO VOLANTE

I received an email from DISQO VOLANTE a month back about his music and his upcoming EP. I listened to his single "Pretend For A Day" and found it really interesting. His EP, re: lit, released today and I thought it would be great for him to introduce himself so...

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Interview with Riot Kidz

I first met Riot Kidz back in 2012. They were a young punk band who were working on their music and live stages. Now five years later, they released their first full length album through Old Records. It's been a long journey for the band and one that I'm glad has...

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Best of 2016 : Claire’s Picks

Compiling a list of my top items is an immense challenge - I can never quite decide on whether one release is truly better than another. With that said, I will present five releases from 2016 that made the biggest impressions on me. Thornapple : Seoul Sickness Seoul...

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