Sunwoo Jung-A (선우정아) : 4X4

Sunwoo Jung-A (선우정아) is a singer-songwriter who’s worked with large commercial labels like YG and rock artists like Jong Yong Hwa. Her blend of pop-jazz has an earnest feel as we’ve noted from her second album It’s Okay, Dear. Her newest release is titled 4×4 and...

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Hollins : Something

Once again, YouTube introduced me to another band. Hollins are a “danceable melodic rock” band and their 2014 EP Something does a great job presenting it. Starting with “Something,” Hollins immediately show off their melodic rock strengths. The...

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ADOY : Laika & Don’t Stop

I prefer not to write about singles because thoughts are based off a limited number of songs. ADOY released their second single “Don’t Stop” and I never talked about their first “Laika” so I’m combining them both together. ADOY is a...

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Open Call for Writers

You may have seen some of the posts on Korean Indie’s social media about the “current” state of Korean music journalism. If not, don’t worry because it would probably depress you. Currently Korean Indie is understaffed. We need more writers...

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Interview with Gongjoong Doduk

Without fail, I am floored each time I press play on experimental folk musician Gongjoongdoduk‘s 2015 debut album, Gongjoongdoduk. This whimsical beast of an album is packed tight with visceral nuances, funky chord progressions and dissonances, wild...

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Interview with …Whatever That Means

…Whatever That Means will be heading to the US West Coast for a tour starting July 23rd. They previously toured in 2011 and are returning to support their new split with Burn Burn Burn called Blowing Minds & Melting Faces. …Whatever That Means are an...

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Interview with First Aid

First Aid is one of the most prominent figures in the Korean electronic music scene. He has made a name for himself with his sizzling combination of technical finesse and a great sense of style. Many of you might know him from his project with Hong Hyo Jin, Room 306,...

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