UZA (우자) : Stuck

I found out about UZA through some YouTube videos and Instagram. She seemed to jump genres on every video I saw. Looking up her releases, she put out Stuck back in 2015. The single feels like one part of her music repertoire. The lead single “Stuck” is...

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18gram : Maze

Rock band 18gram’s new EP has arrived. Like the title “Maze,” the five songs on the album describe confusion and the sadness of youth which are real, but feel so mundane. I never got bored listening to it because there is a lot of song variety: fast...

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Isahi : Thanatos

While I don’t remember where exactly I discovered Isahi, I do know I listened to them on Bandcamp. Isahi is a one man project band and that’s pretty crazy considering the type of music. Defined as “rock cinematic neoclassical post-rock” on...

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Big Phony : Straight To Bootleg, Volume 3

If you’ve been following Korean Indie, you may notice how much we support Big Phony. It’s not because we’re heavily biased, but want to see Big Phony get bigger and more popular. He debuted the news of Straight To Bootleg, Volume 3 not long after the...

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We’re Testing a Podcast. We’re Sorry.

So I came up with the idea to have a Korean Indie podcast. Actually, I wrote about it on Medium already. The plan is to record some test podcasts to see if it’s something worthwhile doing and if readers find it interesting enough to keep going on a weekly basis....

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Open Call for Writers

You may have seen some of the posts on Korean Indie’s social media about the “current” state of Korean music journalism. If not, don’t worry because it would probably depress you. Currently Korean Indie is understaffed. We need more writers...

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Interview with Riot Kidz

I first met Riot Kidz back in 2012. They were a young punk band who were working on their music and live stages. Now five years later, they released their first full length album through Old Records. It’s been a long journey for the band and one that I’m...

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Interview with Gongjoong Doduk

Without fail, I am floored each time I press play on experimental folk musician Gongjoongdoduk‘s 2015 debut album, Gongjoongdoduk. This whimsical beast of an album is packed tight with visceral nuances, funky chord progressions and dissonances, wild...

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Interview with …Whatever That Means

…Whatever That Means will be heading to the US West Coast for a tour starting July 23rd. They previously toured in 2011 and are returning to support their new split with Burn Burn Burn called Blowing Minds & Melting Faces. …Whatever That Means are an...

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