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Square the Circle : Building a Practice Room on our Own Part Two

Posted by on 2014/04/22 in Artist Editorial | 1 comment

Read Part One Day 8 (10월 15일 화요일) 열고 싶은 마음이 전혀 들지 않게 생긴 낡은 현관문을 깔끔하게 만들기 위해 페인트를 칠했다. 빨간색을 사용하고 싶었지만 현관문이 너무 새빨가면 안 될 것 같아 오렌지색에 가까운 등색 유성 페인트를 사 왔는데, 막상 칠하고 보니 그냥 빨간색이나 다름이 없어서 아주 마음에 들었다. 복도에 있는 전등은 계단 위아래에서 모두...

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Gary : Mr. Gae

Posted by on 2014/04/22 in Reviews | 0 comments

Honesty corner: I was not a fan of Gary. Lessang is great, don’t get me wrong, but I love the group more for Gil and their indie take on hip-hop. He’s fine as a rapper, but Gary’s delivery falls flat on my ears...

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Ironic Hue : For Melting Steel

Posted by on 2014/04/21 in Reviews | 0 comments

I’d heard of Ironic Hue before when I first started looking for new...

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Busan Alternative Compilation : 복병 컴필레이션

Posted by on 2014/04/20 in Reviews | 2 comments

South Korea’s southern port side town of Busan has a jam-packed but sometimes...

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Whang Bo Ryung (황보령) : As If Nothing Ever Happened

Posted by on 2014/04/17 in Reviews | 0 comments

When you hear Whang Bo Ryung, the first connection is Smacksoft. The mixture...

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사람또사람 (people and people) : 친하게 지내자

Posted by on 2014/04/16 in Reviews | 0 comments

As one of the bands that was released during the massive bandcamp deployment...

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Lips-Bite (입술을 깨물다) : 저기요

Posted by on 2014/04/15 in Reviews | 0 comments

I was introduced to Lipsbite by friends in Korea. They talked about the band...

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Rude Paper (루드 페이퍼) : Don’t Believe (믿지 않아)

Posted by on 2014/04/15 in Reviews | 0 comments

With the release of One Blood by Rude Paper, I figured it was as good a time...

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