Shoegaze was a genre that I only came across when I started listening to Korean music. Japanese music has post-rock styles that are similar to shoegaze, but the actual music comes across stronger with musicians from South Korea.

Vidulgi OoyoO‘s Aero was the first album that I really considered to have the elements of shoegaze. The music is melodic with long verses, but at the same time the tones feel light and ethereal. It’s a difficult idea to describe, especially when it comes to music, but one major element of the genre is that the music never stops playing a major theme.

Shoegaze is related to math-rock in the easiest sense, but contains much more emotion.

Anna’s interview with the band is a great start to how the band sounds.

Even when the theme isn’t the strongest part of the song, there is a connection between the beginning of the song and the end with a specific part of the arrangement. I don’t even think it is something purposely done all the time, but the natural evolution of the song warrents it.

But Vidulgi OoyoO’s Aero is a seminal Korean indie album. From 2008, it is a parallel to other music and how varied the music is. The album consists of eight songs. But the songs are dense and long. There are specific musical elements that each song present and the band takes their time in presenting them.

Interestingly even with the long song lengths, Aero pulls listeners in and requires multiple plays to appreciate all the elements in the songs. It is an album that needs your full attention. There are many small moments in each of the songs that can’t be missed.

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