National Pigeon Unity‘s Empathy is a mixture of rock and punk with the addition of high energy and a non-stop tempo. The twelve songs on the album show off a different side of indie rock.

The vocals may not precisely meet the same melody of the guitar, but the energy that National Pigeon Unity show throughout the album is some of the best. Each of the songs on Empathy contain different elements, using varying tempos to show the talent of the band.

All of the songs are excellent examples of how good the band can play their instruments. Though the recordings of the individual songs does not accurately show the energy they perform with live, they are presented well.

It’s difficult to actually choose strong singles off the album because each of the songs are excellent. Empathy is a perfect album to show the talents of “current” bands from South Korea and it is easy to see Empathy becoming a classic go-to album to represent the growth of the genre.

As a debut full-length, Empathy is perfection in the precise voice that National Pigeon Unity present over the twelve tracks. The voice of the band shows their age and the drive that is shown through each song.

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