Honestly, I don’t know what to think about Brick Slipper. Their self-titled eight song release is different. A mixture of rock, electro-pop, and punk; the music is very different but also familiar.

With eight songs on the album, the majority of them are really good tracks. The different arrangements using synth overlays on the vocals change the tone of the music. The tempos remind me of a dance pop and rock combination, but Brick Slipper don’t fall into using a majority of pop tones in the music.

But with the album, the track order pushes the higher energy songs in the front making the middle and end of the album feel weaker than the first few songs. “Like a Star” is an amazing slower song, but after the first plunge into the fast paced tempos, it has a weaker presence.

Brick Slipper have a lot of talent and the album overall is very good, but there isn’t a cohesive presence. It sounds more like a set of tracks put on an album for release without a lot of thought about order or how to present an theme.

Listening to the songs separately is the better way to listen to the album because listening from start to finish shows a strong start and weak ending.

Brick Slipper are a band to keep an eye on though, it feels like there’s something great coming from them in the future.

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