Frenzy could be described as a shoegaze or post-rock band. Their instrumental songs on Nein Songs are some of the best arranged and recorded of the genre that I have ever heard. The nine songs on the album contain a hidden aggression that is very subtle, but through the energy of the music it is apparent.

My personal definition of the shoegaze genre isn’t what is played, but the empty spaces of music that exists around it. Frenzy are great at making music that fills every beat, but the polyrhythms and melodies intertwine in amazing ways.

Another recognizable feature are that many shoegaze songs are long and that continues on the album. From around three minutes spanning to nine and a half minutes, there is a lot of music to digest. Strangely, while the album feels like the tempo is holding the music back, the careful tempo of the album is perfect.

Combined with one of the best audio recordings, Frenzy’s Nein Songs plays through headphones and speakers in beautiful ways. The album is from 2010, but the sound of the album is almost ageless.

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