The idea of hardcore in Korea was kind of an afterthought. While listening to a lot of different music, I never really searched into the genre, sticking with punk and rock in the beginning of my exploration. I believe that I first listened to a streaming link of 49 Morphines.

Surprisingly, the song (that I can’t rememeber now) brought me into Korean hardcore music. Partial Eclipse is an incredible album. The beginning song is actually a great misdirection of the style of music. “Oblivion Past (Episode)” sounds like post-rock, but once the second song “Running on Empty” starts – the hardcore begins.

49 Morphines don’t play speedcore, they actually feel more similar to Japan’s Envy. By using slower tempos with fast instrumentals, the songs sound longer than they are. But the standard conventions of hardcore are present on the album. Harsh and barely decipherable vocals over a mixture of different rhythms make up the eleven songs.

I don’t consider my knowledge of Korean hardcore to be that wide, but I do enjoy the music. 49 Morphines are the perfect band to listen to for newcomers and Partial Eclipse is an album that I return to every couple months because it is a great and solid album.

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