Guckkasten originally released their self-titled album in 2009, but came back in 2010 with a vastly superior re-recorded version of the album. The original suffered from recording issues, so while the music came across; there were small audio glitches.

With the re-release, all the elements of Guckkasten’s songs come across with brilliance. The band’s music is rock, but with a lot of other influences. Polyrhythms exist on every song. On the surface, songs might sound straight-forward, but listening a little closer and the music is a lot more dense.

Including 12 songs with an extra acoustic version of “Tail,” the self-titled ends at a little over an hour. But each individual song feels a little long, most likely because of how each song is constructed. Even “Maze” is only 5 minutes, which isn’t that long, but the polka style drumming adds a different tone.

Guckkasten don’t really play standard rock and appear to take pride in approaching different sounds. The music may sound strange on the first listen, but giving the band’s first full-length a chance will show an impressive presentation.

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