I honestly didn’t know what to expect from 10cm when I first heard them. I saw them on a live music show and found a lot of their songs interesting. So listening through the album, it’s obvious they are talented musicians and are aware of how to arrange interesting and addictive songs.

But as I listen through the album again, I come across the feeling that the album is lacking a bit. Not to say that the album is bad, but there is a definite deliberate succession of specific songs. 1.0 is a great album for sure because the performances through the recordings are amazingly well done. The tones and themes in the songs come across and the spare instrumentation helps verses play out with slow tempos.

At this point, I think that 1.0 is uneven. The majority of the songs are great like “Beautiful” or “Talk” but others feel like more filler of leftover guitar riffs. As a whole, I thnk 1.0 is one of the highlights for Korean indie music, but they are directing their style very well.

1.0 is a definite listen, but it is just one side of singer-songwriter duos.

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