From the first song, I really liked the musical style of The Koxx. It sounds like an updated 80s synth-punk band who are creating a soundtrack for a horribly excellent movie.

Access OK is 11 songs of new-wave punk that mixes both English and Korean, uses repetitive lyrics, and still comes across with high energy and great song construction. It’s a bad comparison, but The Koxx are very similar to a lot of indie bands in the United States who are using synth to accent their music.

The Koxx are a little smarter in that the songs highlight everything and don’t focus on using just the synth for all the important parts of songs.

While the style of the band is like 80s new-wave, you’re going to hear a lot of different variations of styles in rock and punk. The combination of music that The Koxx plays isn’t common and that’s how it sounds new and fresh.

I think that Access OK is an amazing album from start to finish with every song carrying an incredible amount of energy and the excellent recording of the music really shows off the talent of the band.

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