Strangely, I listened to 우정모텔 on and off a few times. I could never really get into the album too well. The first introduction is a mixture of jazz and funk which I can appreciate, but it just came across a little dull. There is definite use of synth and electronica to add different layers to the music which is seen in the middle off the album.

The music on 우정모텔 sounds like it’s very focused on making a specific tones while presenting melodies over them. The backing beats provided by programmed beats is a little distracting because the vocals weave in and out of the songs.

I could even consider the album to be partially spoken word because there isn’t a definite way that the vocals come across in the songs. Sometimes it’s standard verse to verse and others the vocals don’t happen until mid-way through a song.

우정모텔 is something different with the mixture of jazz, funk, electronica, post-rock, and even some shoegaze, but the lack of a definite cohesive theme makes the album sound like it’s just a collection of songs recorded over a long span of time.

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