The Moonshiners second album is a little different because it sounds like an album released possibly in the mid 1990s. The music is rockabilly or 1950s do-wop style. 푸른밤의 Beat!‘s emphasis on the style also mixes a little bit of garage rock and ska into the songs.

The album in simple terms is: happy. That’s not the best description for music, but the music is up-beat and positive. Using the older styles and delivery of the vocals is familiar but different, especially for Korean music.

Near the end of the album, a adapted style of jazz is presented, slowing down the tempo but still playing the positive style in the music. They also bring some pop punk with “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” showing that The Moonshiners know a lot more about music than I would have thought.

Listening to 푸른밤의 Beat! is an awesome and positive experience with quick tempos and great songs.

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