Returning with another album in 2010, Galaxy Express released Wild Days. Another long album at 20 songs, Galaxy Express didn’t change their garage rock sound, but did find the time to hone their playing and create slightly different songs.

There is more variety on Wild Days with the band moving towards older punk rock and playing around a little more in some songs. That’s what make Galaxy Express so much fun to listen to – they don’t take themselves too seriously and that energy shows in their music.

The end of the album even features acoustic songs, something not expected from the band. They are light and simple, but these songs are a different side of Galaxy Express.

I still don’t think if you aren’t fond of this type of music, the album is going to change your mind at all. Fans of rock music that isn’t as fine-tuned will really enjoy Galaxy Express. The band really shows off more sides than their safe zone on the Wild Days and it’s going to be interesting to see what direction they move into as they grow as musicians.

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