Don’t You Worry Baby is the most American influenced album that I’ve heard from South Korea. The Black Skirts reappeared as the work of a single person and the album showed a different angle to indie rock.

The album is interesting because it successfully integrates older styles into current music and presents an album that has an “aged” feeling even though it was released in 2011. The twelve songs on the album all pull from the same genre, but the prominence of the album is more acoustic songs. Many songs are also sung in English like “Love Shine” and “International Love Song.”

It’s impressive because the songs are success in both languages. The themes of the songs are conveyed in both languages. It’s interesting because the album has a concrete theme overall and the songs all play in different ways, but the cohesiveness is excellent. There isn’t a song that sounds out of place on the album.

The Black Skirts’ Don’t You Worry Baby (I’m Only Swimming) is a combination of American and Korean styles successfully merged together.

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