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Idiotape : 11111101

After their EP 0805, Idiotape returned with 11111101. The album contains some of the songs from the EP, but overall has a much more complete tone. The synthesizers combined with electronica and paired with drums and guitar are amazing. Idiotape’s music isn’t just electronica, but moves past that with an incredible mixture of tempos and arrangements.

But not to be mistaken with indie rock, 11111101 is definitely an instrumental electronica album. It just uses a variety of elements to make up the songs. Songs like “Melodie” use a different beat structure that sits on the back of the beat, creating what sounds like a half-beat delay in the music, but the lack of standard structure let Idiotape make songs sound a lot different.

The album contains ten songs and finishes with a great conclusion in the song “League.” While it is possible for some listeners to consider Idtiotape’s album to be a bit repetitive, the album actually has a lot of different styles on it and is worth the listen. Give the album a proper listen and you will come away appreciating the abilities of Idiotape.

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