I wasn’t very fond of Bye Bye Sea‘s first album. It felt a little too “commercial,” going straight towards kpop fans.

Pink Revolution feels a lot different. It mixes a lot more styles together while using indie rock as the base for all the tracks. The variety on the album is a lot better and makes listening from the start to finish a much better musical journey.

The front single “악마” is a mixture of pop and indie. The vocals are the biggest difference in the music of Bye Bye Sea and other indie bands. Bye Bye Sea’s vocals also have a different vibrato that usually sits in higher registers of melody, but the addition of falsetto in the chorus is a nice addition.

The album also adds an interesting amount of synth and electronica on the songs. There is a slight 80s new wave influence on the songs. The music may have a slightly dated sound, but the band brings the two eras of music together really well. Bye Bye Sea does revisit their first album on some songs, but the music sounds a lot more mature.

I think Pink Revolution is an excellent step forward for the band. It’s less Kpop-influnced and really shows a stronger musical statement.

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