One of the most early albums that I listened to for, I always found Midnight Hotel to be strangely haunting. The vocals were slightly off-key and the music was all electronic, but contained a tone that was different.

Containing only six songs, “왔었나요” has to be the strongest song or at least the one that is always stuck in my head whenever I listen to the release.

“The six song EP has a lot to offer in the music, with “밤하늘의 배” sounding like an 80s tracks from the start. It’s like Midnight Hotel listened to a lot of the electronica-backed musicians around the world and just pulled the best of influences and created this EP.”

I said this about the album when talked about it in February of 2010 and I think it still is true years later. Midnight Hotel was released in 2009 and the landscape of music has changed, but Oriental Lucy’s EP is still amazing.

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