There’s a lost genre with punk currently in 2012 for Korean music. A lot of the bands who used to play have either disbanded or are not currently active.

The United93‘s EP of The United93 bring punk rock back to Korean music. It’s only six songs, but the energy on the EP is unmistakable.

The EP is almost like second generation punk rock. It has the fast tempos, slightly off-key vocals, and a lot of power chords and drumming. Each of the songs are excellent because they sound raw and the recording of the songs is great, but also unbalanced so elements of the cymbals come across off and the guitars sound higher pitched than they should be.

All the “errors” add to EP of The United93 and make it more fun to listen to. Since the release isn’t perfect, the emotion of the band come through a lot better. Some of the influences on The United93 even sound like British punk with a slight drop of American hardcore.

But when any album ends with “Over the rainbow” you can’t lose.

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