From Transistor, Peterpan Complex changed their sound to a more melodic indie rock style. The harsher tones and strong distortion gave way to more keyboards and synth adding another level of melody to the music.

I’m a Beautiful Man is actually my favorite of the albums by Peterpan Complex because there is a definite progression in the music that moves forward as you listen. At the beginning of the album, it’s a lot lighter and there isn’t as much in terms of an aggressive sound. But the melody from the vocals is heard a lot more.

“그리워하네” is one of the songs that defines the tone of the album. Still like Radiohead, Peterpan Complex evolved their sound to become melodic, but there is still a feeling of darkness in the music. It’s not overly present, but it’s audible.

The vocals do move into more of a choral delivery on many songs. “I’m a Beautiful Man” is, in my opinion, the best song on the album. It contains the best transition between Transistor and I’m a Beautiful Man. I think the song itself is one of the best displays of Korean rock. It meets a lot of different styles and creates a very addictive statement.

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