Peterpan Complex is a favorite band. While I enjoyed their music most when they were playing strained alternative rock, their return with O[ou] as their fifth album is much more electro-indie-pop.

But thankfully, O[ou] is a fun album to listen to. I don’t think it’s their strongest album. It doesn’t have the same staying power as their other albums and I think has the same appeal as their first album.

Listening through the album, you’re going to hear a lot of synth-pops and electronica-assisted melodies. Unfortunately to say, O[ou] has a “cute” sound. The power of Peterpan Complex doesn’t exist on the album and rarely shows up in any of the songs.

The playing and arrangement of songs is great and I think the album has a lot of addictive songs, I just found their older albums to have something more to offer.

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