Monni‘s return in 2012 with 소년이 어른이 되어 is a stylistic change in their normally high melody music. The first track “더는 사랑노래 못 쓰겠다” presents a strong rock song that doesn’t sound like anything the band has done before. Even the second song, “소년이 어른이 되어” which the EP is named after contains a more mature sound.

There is less straining to be indie rock and the EP sounds like the band have become more comfortable with the music they decide to play. It’s surprising that every song is different from each other. With the first and second songs establishing a sound, the rest of the songs on the EP explore different genres.

The last song “레미제라블 (Live Ver.)” brings back the previous style of Monni back, but it’s even apparent in this live version that the band has changed their style a bit.

Monni continues to evolve in positive ways and I’m glad they’ve started to explore different sounds.

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