For an album from 2008, The Ratio‘s Burning Telepathy was something entirely unexpected from Korean musicians. A strong electronica/synth rock band that used pulsing beats and lot of noise sounds like it would be nu-metal, but The Ratios made an album that should be considering a classic.

Granted, outside of Korea, the style is well-known; but how The Ratios make great songs on the album is impressive. The sound of Burning Telepathy is focused on beats with melody and that continues throughout the entire album. Over fourteen songs, it’s a mixture of a live band accented with great synth accompaniment that adds that extra layer to the music.

The Ratios only released this single full-length, but it contains so much potential for growth and amazing songs, it’s sad that nothing else released from the band. Current popular music in the United States would appreciate the music that The Ratios play so maybe for once, this band was ahead of the curve.

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