Oksang Dalbit returned in 2012 with their EP 서로. The four song EP is less of an EP and more a single release with three songs and one instrumental song. There isn’t a lot of new music on the EP with the first song “Bird” presenting itself as an introduction song.

“선물할게” continues their acoustic indie style with a simple song that focuses on a mixture of light instrumentation and vocals. It sounds a lot like songs on their debut full-length 28 and really shows that the band is comfortable in the music they create. The dual vocals are still present and still sound great.

서로 is much more a sampler of music and the small number of songs really don’t further their music style. It’s great that Oksang Dalbit are releasing more new music, but there’s not a lot to digest on the EP. It would have been nice to have more music to listen to, but it’s just not present on 서로.

Oksang Dalbit are great musicians and arrange interesting music, but there’s actually not a lot of music content.

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