The music of Haneumpa is rock. It carries tones of post-rock and slight metal influences combined with the aggressive vocals on the first song. But it doesn’t sit in that genre for the whole album with the second track leaning towards more melodic rock.

There is a large use of distortion on the songs adding to the overall themes. Haneumpa’s music has a sound that doesn’t sound like any other comparable band that I know of. It’s slight similar to the sounds of Apollo 18 and at times Frenzy, but has its own distinct voice.

Each song has a definite classic rock feel to it as the music plays an important part. Vocals carry a lot of weight, but the instrumentals are very well performed and create distinct songs. The ten songs give a good variety of styles so the album never sounds too repetitive.

Haneumpa have a great sound that sits away from other bands and creates a individualistic voice in Korean rock.

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