The second album, Soundscape, continues the same themes from the first album, but there is a definite progression in the music. The same focus on melody exists and the same use of guest vocalist on songs; but the album feels like an excellent growth from the first album.

My favorite song on the album is “Tune Of Stars (Feat. Hee Young)” who composed the lyrics for the song. The use of English vocals adds a different feel to the music, but her voice fits the song perfectly. 타루 was a guest vocal on the first album and makes another appearence on Soundscape adding her distinct vocals.

The non-guest tracks also have the same feel as the first album in that they have a different sound than the “singer-ready” style of the guest tracks. Overall Soundscape has a higher electronica and pop theme, broken by the instrumental tracks. It doesn’t ever move into true Kpop, but has an influence that appears occasionally.

Sentimental Scenery always makes interesting music and even his third album which took a very different approach was excellent.

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