The 2012 four song EP brings Mang Gak Hwa back for another presentation of their music. It hasn’t changed much from their indie rock plus ballad vocals. There is definitely a lot of attention on the vocals and guitar because they sit above anything else in the recording.

The single’s recording sounds more professional, but it sounds like Mang Gak Hwa have this idea that “more-is-more” because their songs sound unnecessarily dense. While some layering of multiple sounds is a great audio experience, with Mang Gak Hwa it sounds forced. The band can make good music, but it sounds like they’re trying so hard that the music is mechanic.

The EP just reinforces the sound that Mang Gak Hwa create with their music. I could even say that I think the band is directing their sound towards a female audience on purpose because they have the elements of melodic indie rock that seems to be popular.

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