On the third album from Sister’s Barbershop, they actually combine elements from the first and second album to present an album that has melodic songs while adding in more layered elements to expand the songs.

They actually have similar themes to Peterpan Complex‘s four album which was released later in the 2000s. I don’t know if the purpose was to release an album that kept core styles while adding an entirely different musical overlay, but the third album is a lot more indie pop.

The band could have just decided to attempt to add a multitude of different musical elements and try to make a variety of songs for the third album. While there is a slight cohesive theme on the album, overall each song feels like it sits alone.

I think Sister’s Barbershop play their core indie style very well, but they add a lot of different elements with varying levels of success. The songs sound good, but they do have an uneven feel at times.

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