I learned about post-rock and shoegaze through Korean indie rock. Before, I just knew of the math-rock genre. We Got Underwear and Lots of Girls grabbed my attention by the name and I didn’t even know what kind of music they played. I’ll admit, I didn’t understand music that didn’t play through each beat and used silence as a part of a song.

사랑의 유람선 was one of the albums that changed my mind about how music could be used beyond just filling notes. The seven song EP is almost a primer into shoegaze music. Its slow tempos which can sound slow, the emphasis on melody, and the lack of vocals. This is what shoegaze was defined as originally.

Listening through We Got Underwear and Lots of Girls’ 2003 EP and you learn just how creative Korean musicians can be. It’s one of the best shoegaze releases that I know of. While some bands are moving towards post-rock and different melodies and tempos, shoegaze is a style that will always exist.

You can’t judge the album through one listen. It takes a lot to really understand why each note is presented because while it may sound sloppy, it’s actually very deliberate.

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