Rocket Diary had to be one of the early-to-middle bands that I discovered. They had a long break between their first full-length and this EP and I actually thought the band had disbanded. I was very happy to learn that the band released Anyone, Anywhere which isn’t a complete return to their original sound, but one that’s a little newer and polished.

With 5 songs and one remix, Anyone, Anywhere is a mix between a practice album and new material. I wonder if the members kept up with playing. The style of the music is pop rock with a slight harder edge with the distortion placed on the guitars. It doesn’t have the same upbeat pop rock sound that the band originally had.

The best part of the EP is that with the evolved sound, the same energy still exists on the songs. The time between releases hasn’t diminished the talent of the band at all and hopefully they start releasing more music soon.

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