The second album from Broccoli, you too? released in 2010, two years after their first full-length. Songs on the second album have the common sound from the first album, but there’s a different tone in the songs. Featuring 11 songs and one hidden track, 졸업 does sounds like a progression of their style.

It’s a little less indie pop and more indie pop/rock. It has a lot of the same conventions like dual vocals and layered arrangements, but the music has a stronger presence. Even their slower songs are more interesting than the majority of the songs on the first album. While I can see that some people may prefer the first album because of its sound, I find 졸업 to have more substance.

The two years between the albums has a tremendous amount of growth. Something that doesn’t happen to a lot of bands who stick with the same style throughout multiple albums. While it could be the recording and mixing of the album, 졸업, to me, is a better album and has a more mature sound compared to the first. I enjoy listening to both albums, but 졸업 is my favorite.

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