I’ve been listening to The Black Skirts since the original 201. The music is slightly more indie pop rock than Don’t Worry Baby…, but the energy is high and the music is addictive.

It’s a mixture of American indie rock and some Korean indie music combining into a fun listen. The music is both in English and Korean, adding to the easy enjoyment of the album. It’s probably an album that has some of the most internal variety of any album I’ve listened to that still contains a common theme throughout the music.

201 contains 3 more songs that the original 2008 release, and they blend into the album with no problems. The Black Skirts is one of the most individual sounding bands in Korean indie. The songs are a mixture of influences that range from old 1950s British rock to swing and jazz mixed with indie rock. The Black Skirts are a band that you should listen to.

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