I never heard of Kim Jinpyo until I heard JP6. I should have heard of him though considering this is his sixth album. The eleven track album features guest vocalists on almost every track like “미안해서 미안해 featuring G.NA” and Vasco and Swings. The album goes in a lot of different directions depending on who is assisting on the song.

JP6 can go from ballad-style to a groove-based swing-style with “바람 피기 좋은 날.” It’s a different album because the beats on songs differ so much. I could say that there isn’t a cohesive theme, but somehow each songs carries something similar from song to song and each song makes sense.

The songs on the album seem to go from lighter pop to a slightly heavier bass beat heavy song. I think the addition of the female vocalists adds a lighter tone to the songs that’s shown with the beats and samples. Kim Jinpyo definitely has an excellent flow in his verse delivery. He mixes within the beats very well and on every song, his verses don’t sound out of place.

I do favor the song with Swings, Vasco, and Crybaby over any other song on the album because it just has a stronger and more aggressive style that I enjoy the most with most Korean hip-hop. The album overall is a great sampling of different styles that blend well with Kim Jinpyo’s style of delivery.

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