Art of Parties aren’t a common band in the music that they play. While the core of the music is rock, there is an alternative and metal mixed with shoegaze themes. I may classify the music as hard rock to be simple, but there’s more to the music.

Ophelia even has qualities of the rap-rock craze that existed in the 90s in the United States, but doesn’t fall into that trap. The song “Art of Parties” features 한석호, but comes across as a heavier blues song. It’s strange to hear the clash of styles.

Then reaching “Seitrap Fo Tra (Drive Ver.)” the music pushes the blues tone even further. If you removed some of the distortion and heavy bass, it would be very close to blues in the verses. But when it hits transitions, it falls back into a hard rock and shoegaze style. There is so much happening on every song it takes multiple listens to hear everything.

The band retains the alternative core, but appears to enjoy adding different elements into songs adding additional depth. Depending on the individual song, Art of Parties could be considered a lot of genres without being a single one. It’s actually easy to enjoy Ophelia because the music keeps a great tempo and it’s worth the listen.

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