I’m pretty sure that Behind the Scenes is an official mixtape between Paloalto and Evo. I’m more familiar with Paloalto than Evo, having heard his guest spots on a lot of songs. Evo is more of a mystery to me, but his vocals styles fit the album very well.

Songs on Behind the Scenes are much more groove and beat centered. Beats are slower and deliberate without any feeling of rushing through the song. It sounds like both hip-hop artists were allowed to format their lyrics and use whatever length they wanted. There is a back and forth between the two as they rhyme over the beats and both perform excellently.

It’s strange also because alongside the beats, the samples give off different tones from dance club style tones to electronica sounds. Behind the Music is a great collaboration album because the music is great for hip-hop fans and listeners who are exploring the genre will be able to listen to one style of the hip-hop world.

I would suggest looking for other songs the pair have been guests on because it sounds like they are very versatile.

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