The start of Jiwon Park‘s The Rabbit was surprising because it’s a song that features tightly finger-picked acoustic guitar that creates the whole song. Polyrhythms flow over each other making an interesting mix of music.

The Rabbit’s “Rabbit Hole” is much more blues and jazz with electric guitar, bass, and drums, but still strictly instrumental. The talent that goes into the band playing alongside and around Jiwon Park is impressive because he is allowed to explore different melodies

It changes again with the third song which has a much more country style feel, with what sounds like slide guitar and multiple guitars playing the melody and lead. The rest of the songs on the album all use similar themes as the first few songs, but still show the talents of Jiwon Park on each one.

For an instrumental album, focusing on a different genre like blues, jazz, and country are a little different but it succeeds excellently.

Listen to a sample on YouTube.

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