Glen Check‘s return EP is a big step away from Haute Couture in that the music moved back in time to present 80s pop in their signature electro style. Each song on the EP is a lot different from any other song you have heard from the band before, and even the lead single “’84” has little resemblance to other songs by the duo.

There has always been an evolution to the sound of Glen Check and this release is no different. The music is much more focused on using synth and 80s electro-pop effects with repeating verses rather than the indie electro-pop from previous songs. It’s not an entire step away, but they definitely show similarities to groups like Justice and Phoenix.

While the core duo always make good music, Cliché is a big step away from previous sounds which may deter older fans. It may be a sign of growth, but each release by Glen Check continues to explore new audio territory and it’s going to be interesting to see where they eventually end up, if they ever stop experimenting.

Be prepared for a different Glen Check, still great, but almost nothing like before.

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