Every Single Day‘s 재앙이란 이름의 디스코텍 introduces the band in a strange way with the “Intro” track. It highlights a lot of different styles and doesn’t really show the sound of the band. The second song is the first fully realized song introducing the band as a melodic rock band that has an attitude about them.

Moving to the third track, Every Single Day are much more acoustic, ballad-esque rock. The band produces a sound that is very familiar for anyone who has heard ballad rock. As the album continues, Every Single Day’s style is cemented with a lighter melodic rock style. It’s firmly based in melodies and has sound that reminded me of United States pop rock bands during the late 90s.

Their style is still fun to listen to even though it has a repetitive nature to the music. It can really fit for people who are looking for an older album containing solid songs. The band is able to show more power on “Blow” which is also sung in a combination of English and Korean.

Every Single Day gains its energy the more it progresses with the songs becoming much stronger and the band showing a comfort in their music. It’s a great album from the mid-2000s.

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