Listening to slower indie low-fi pop, it’s difficult not to place the artist in a box of possibly boring songs. Slow 6 might use the style and present laid back music, but the music is actually very addictive and interesting to listen to. Using simple arrangements in 4/4 time, Slow 6 present songs that are fun to listen to because of how bare they can sound.

While the core of the songs are simple, the vocals create an excellent audio image of simple vacation music on a beach. There aren’t any beats or melodies that aren’t firmly added to the overall tone of each song. Even the percussion on the songs is presented with smaller attacks and many of the backing instrumentals sound like they were programmed to fit.

Somewhere as the title perfectly fits the theme of the album and it’s easy to hear these songs performed live in a small venue or on a beach somewhere. The mixture of guitar and vocals are the front of every song and even without percussion, each song can stand on its own.

A fan of light, melodic-focused music will really enjoy Slow 6.

Korean Indie Editor-At-Large The person in the background watching over everything.