Most of the music I’ve listened to in Korean indie is from the 2000 forward. I’ve listened to bands from earlier years, but haven’t really explored the pre-2000 time frame. Amuband is a group from that pre-2000 era, specifically 1998.

Their rock music sounds very familiar because it pulls sounds from United States alternative rock and elements of grunge. Listening through the album, the tempo is the first thing that is noticed. It’s much slower and deliberate allowing the band to say their statement in each song. It’s also possible to hear early elements of the shoegaze genre in their songs when they enter different verses allowing the guitar to explore before the vocals emerge again.

Amuband don’t sit in one genre though, playing acoustic, punk, and rock songs. They really sound like the created songs based on the message they were trying to send. Listening through the songs, it’s possible that their sound could have influenced later bands even with the big stylistic change that happened during the early 2000s.

Amuband is an important mark in Korean rock music because it’s possible to hear bits of their sound in a lot of bands.

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