If you like ambient post-rock, heavy sounding garage rock, and crafted alternative, No Control‘s self-titled album is perfect for you. The recording of the album captures the live performance of the band very well.

The combination of all the styles results in different themes coming from the music. The vocals are slightly off-key and hoarse, but they contain the energy of the music. The rhythms are pretty common and recognized, but the energy of the music makes it addictive.

No Control does feature grunge elements and some of the post-rock that can be found in similar bands like Apollo 18. The difference is that No Control’s slower tempos restrain the abandon that Apollo 18 has. The music treads slowly, making eat beat know and the vocals come across as harsh but addictive.

Listen to a song like “Sunflower” and you only get a surface level introduction to what the band is about. The song “International Way” even sounds like an intensely more aggressive 3rd Line Butterfly.

No Control is a band that releases music that lives in loud guitars full of distortion and drums that play almost as loud. It’s Korean rock in the best way.

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