Originally a band created in the United States, The Breathing reformed in Korea after one of the members completed their required military service. The trio’s return also brought a newer sound. On The Glory, the three song EP is full of a mixture of electronica, synth, and live instruments.

Featuring vocals in both English and Korean, the first song aptly named “The Glory” introduces an excellent and melodic song. The music is a type of ambiance and indie rock that is supported through the sparse verses from the guitar while the drums contain the structure of the song.

Since I never heard the original sound of The Breathing, I’m not sure what the style was originally, but their new style fits with a lot of current Korean indie bands. There are similarities to Trampauline, Glen Check, and Neon Bunny. Neon Bunny comparisons really show in the second song “Cover Up.” It doesn’t use feature the obsessive use of synth that Neon Bunny has, but presents a common sound.

The final song “For Someday” is the closest to Glen Check with the electronica-fueled drums and melodies. Vocals on “For Someday” are excellent in how they move around the various melodies. It was also enjoyable how the song has two acts when adding live instruments like the guitar and drums. It’s a great EP that hits all the perfect points on each of the songs while showing off different styles of a common genre.

I’m not sure how old The Breathing are, but if this is their return, then there is something special coming from their return.

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