When I originally listening to EE‘s Imperfect, I’mperfect I didn’t find a lot interesting about the album and found it kind of repetitive and unfocused. Years later, I’m rediscovered EE and found that the album is actually very well arranged and produced.

The group creates music focused in samples and a mix of male and female vocals that weave together depending on the song you’re listening to. It’s an album that will speak to you very quickly or sound a lot like noise, which is how I first heard it. The song “눈코입귀” is what originally turned me off because it sounded like a mixture of strange sounds.

Now the song is one of my favorites on the album. Their style isn’t one that I’ve heard replicated since the album and even though other bands are using synth and electonica, few have come close to the style of EE. There is a lot of similarity to Japanese electro-pop styles and while I’m not sure if they were directly influenced by Japanese bands, they have a convincing presentation.

EE’s album has 14 songs with 2 remixes, but years later I can appreciate what the group were trying to do with the music. If you like electronica or electro-pop, EE is worth taking the time.

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