Be Sweet is another singer-songwriter style musician. Her vocals are layered over even tempo songs and on Bitter Sweet she presents a simple melodic presence. The songs on Bitter Sweet aren’t anything really new, but her voice is the main source of interest.

There are a lot of female singer-songwriters and Be Sweet enters that realm by presenting 7 songs of different quality. Not to say that the songs are bad, but the song “오빠가” has a very IU tone to the music, but “너의 곁에” actually sounds like Be Sweet was allowed to extend her voice more.

The EP does have some repetition and influence to other female acoustic musicians and it sounds like she is somewhat of a young singer. Hopefully she is able to explore other styles and genres to develop her style and personal voice. Bitter Sweet is a decent EP that shows off her abilities, but it keeps coming around as a demo release to show that she can perform different styles, but none that she owns on the songs themselves.

It’s possible that if she can develop, she will be a prominent female vocalist, but right now she is too focused on the cute, pop rock style that doesn’t show her voice much depth.

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