Love X Stereo‘s first single contains 4 songs, 2 of which are an English and Korean version. It’s difficult to tell the full potential and talent of a band based off so few songs, but Love X Stereo present an interesting electro-pop rock style.

Buzzin’ focuses a lot of a full band sound while accenting each beat with some type of electronica and synth repeating in the background. It does add a similarity in sound to other bands that are currently using the electronica and rock style like Glen Check, The Koxx, and Idiotape. While the band is Korean, the lead vocals are mainly sung in English making the necessity of a Korean and English version of “Ocean Breeze” appear strange.

The music of Love X Stereo also hints sounds of the most recent Neon Bunny, though Buzzin’ release in 2011. If you enjoy any of these mentioned bands, Love X Stereo will be another band to add to the roster. The second song on Buzzin’ “Free Ass” has a very indie rock style that’s popular in the United States right now.

Love X Stereo mix up the styles while retaining the core construction on Buzzin’ and it’s a fun EP to listen to, but end a little to quickly.

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