One band I was introduced when I visited Seoul, South Korea and the indie scene in Hongdae was Midnight Smokin’ Drive. While the band only has their single Moonrise Blues as an official release, the band does have more music that they play live.

The single is a good introduction to the rock style that the band plays, a mix of garage and 70s rock with female vocals. If you ever see the band live, you will hear these songs played; but the recording on the single is a lot less powerful than their live show. “Triple S” is a fun song to listen to with the mixture of repeated guitar chords and straightforward drum and bass beats.

It’s the song “Moonrise Blues” that is the real song that can portray how good the band can be. The song is a strong single that beats the other two songs on the single. The vocals are powerful and have a lot of energy. Midnight Smokin’ Drive’s style isn’t one that’s too common in indie music with more bands following the electro-pop rock or indie rock style and that makes it more fun.

Their Moonrise Blues single is a bit old and the band has more songs that show growth from the single, but it’s still a great sample.

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