Ibadi‘s second album, Voyage, looks like it features original and possibly remixed or alternatively arranged songs. The bands sound is very much acoustic from the first song “Voyage.” Horan’s voice is different from her work with Clazziquai Project and has a warmer and “earthy” tone to it.

Mixing the acoustic base, there are also jazz elements on songs. It does follow a slower tempo that allows you to enjoy each moment of music. The remix version of “Morning Call” is a light, fun track that shows off a playful tone and sounds like a Sunday morning or beach song with the guitar strumming and Horan’s voice.

There are even ballad style songs like “Eve” showing off a lot of variety on the album. It’s like the band reached out in a lot of different directions to try a lot of things and the results were well crafted songs.

Voyage’s core is allowing Horan to expand her voice with the instrumentals supporting each beat and melody. It’s different from other bands because the songs with sparse instrumentation are supported entirely by Horan’s voice.

The entire tone of Ibadi is a mixture of indie and pop and depending on the song, you will probably find a song that speaks to you. Unfortunately, Ibadi disbanded and all they have are their albums.

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