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House Rulez : Hotel Plaza

I was not that familiar with house and electronic-based music, except for a bit of Clazziquai Project. Then, I caught an audio of a track from House Rulez’s 2007 Christmas-themed album, Hotel Plaza. As a group that consists of a DJ and two dancers, House Rulez often collaborates with other singers.

The album is starts with an upbeat short track with a suitable title “The Door.” Until the fourth song “Snow Piano,” the 1.5th album’s musical characters are fast and heavily synthesized. “Santa” and “Snow Piano” sample two famous Christmas carols re-arranged without losing the festive mood.

The notable track is “City Light N Seoul.” The sophisticated track depicts the vibrant urban city life with a consistent piano sound right after the 15-second intro. It might remind us of a feeling we get while driving in the middle of highway and being in touch with the chilling night breeze.

“Merry Christmas” and “Winter Memory” carry a strong resemblance to Clazziquai Project’s songs with much slower tempo and melodic sounds. “Winter Memory” is a mid tempo song accompanied by saxophone, electric guitar and smooth vocal by Annie creating a smooth epilogue.

Hotel Plaza gives a good introduction, however it doesn’t reveal the true color of House Rulez as shown in their first album Mojito, which reflects around synthesizer-produced sounds and even more eclectic fusion of electronica and other genres.

The earlier part of Hotel Plaza sounds like a toned-down extended version of Mojito, while the later part includes elements to match the season. It seems that since House Rulez centers on the electronica genre, it can be important to feature singers whose voice won’t overshadow the music and also to soften the fast-paced nature of the genre.

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