For GUMX‘s third album, the band still played their pop and surf punk. The change is that the band experimented with the song structure. “Silence the Enemy’s Guns” uses a rhythm in the verse that sounds like the band is off beat, but once they hit the chorus, the song sounds like a standard 4/4 rhythm.

It’s that experimentation that makes listening to GUMX a lot of fun. Besides the band’s energetic playing, the songs are very addictive to listen to. The overall tone of the band didn’t change and each song still sounds slightly similar, but the band know how to create and arrange their songs very well.

The evolution of the music is there, GUMX don’t rely just on the fast tempo, but also include interesting bridges and verse construction. Vocalist Yongwon Lee shows off his abilities as both a singer for pop punk and skate punk. His voice remains steady on every song and Old sounds like a swan song for the band.

GUMX are a great classic skate punk band and their end is disappointing. Yongwon’s reemergence in Yellow Monsters brings memories back on GUMX and it’s possible to see the influence GUMX has on Yellow Monsters now.

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