we hate jh : 1st demo

When I sampled we hate jh‘s music on bandcamp, I thought it was a little off-key in the vocals. At the same time because it was a demo, I was intrigued with the first song “Afternoon.” An acoustic guitar and vocals song, I heard an impressive song arrangement.

we hate jh 1st demo

There’s a reminiscent tone to we hate jh. Partially, it reminds me a lot of the popular singer-songwriters in the United States in the late 90s. The vocals start to find the right keys and melodies as the demo continues, but there is a rawness that I really appreciate. we hate jh really has an honest tone through all the songs and whether we hate jh stay an acoustic artist or moves towards a full band sound, both could be amazing.

As a demo release, it’s not really known all the equipment or the setup that the demo was recorded with, but we hate jh’s first demo is great to listen to. It sounds and feels honest when listening and the do-it-yourself style of the recording is fun.

we hate jh need to release more music, whether it stay acoustic or not.

we hate jh on Facebook.
we hate jh on bandcamp.

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  1. i love jh!
    (is there a connection between them?)

    • Not more than the name, if I got this right: http://recordfair.kr/blog/?p=1507 It’s difficult not to make the connection and it seems we hate jh picked the name in hommage to i love jh. Been curious about the same thing since I first heard of them, but didn’t bother to look it up until just now so thanks for asking!

  2. awsome! i love jh


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