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Interview with Smacksoft

Smacksoft is a band that really defies categorization. It’s a mixture of genres to form very distinct music. The latest, Follow Your Heart, is an amazing album. I’ve been confused a bit on how to define Smacksoft as a band or the singular work of Whang, Bo Ryung with a backing band. Regardless, the band as Smacksoft has been around for a long time releasing music.

I asked Smacksoft’s manager if Smacksoft would be interested in answering some questions and she agreed. I didn’t know what to expect from the answers and I found that Whang, Bo Ryung is very honest with her answers.

These are the unedited answers to my questions.


Can you introduce Smacksoft?

SMACKSOFT is a POSTPUNK band formed by Bo (Whang, Bo Ryung) in 2001

How would you describe the music of Smacksoft?

it defies the music genre but at the same time it has its own sound n originality.

There was a large break between Sun Sign and Smacksoft 2.5, what were you doing during that time?

went back to the states travel, finish college, and etc.

Where do you get your influences in music?

daily basis life, everything around me. since we live in 3 dimensional world can not avoid not to be connected to each other.

What bands are you listening to currently?

sorry, mostly Bach. band? i’m not sure. spiritualized, Brian Eno, Bauhaus, etc.

What do you think of indie music in Korea now?

shitty. too many of’em. so called “indie music” it’s painful. not so good quality of music. u need to try hard enough to get ok Korean indie music so far. some of ‘em r really good. but too many shitty bands but i guess it’s like that everywhere.

Korean indie music is receiving more attention internationally, do you think this has any effect on the growth of indie bands? How was Smacksoft’s music received during the North American tour?

everythings relative. SMACKSOFT’s tour in the states was great. it was a good chance to meet up different audience in different space like other than Korea. We share the moment w/ people n it meant everything.

How difficult it is to be a musician and artist in Korea?

it is as difficult as a person tries to survive in a deserted island.

How did participating in the Tell Me compilation happen?

My good friend suggested, i said sure. Didn’t have any reason not to do it.

Is there any message you want listeners to take from your music?

relax. time flies but exactly the same tempo. you have everything u need in your life. that is u r alive. be good..kindda.

Anything to say to readers?

it’s hard to be good all the time but as long as you try that’s what matters. your choices will change the wold.

Smacksoft on Facebook.
Smacksoft on Twitter.
Smacksoft site.

I enjoy Smacksoft’s music a lot and knew that Whang Bo Ryung was very honest, but the answers surprised me a little. Still, her honesty shows the differences people have about music in South Korea. The band makes amazing songs that support Whang Bo Ryung’s mesmerizing vocals.

Explore as much Smacksoft as possible because I think they’re that’s worth experiencing.

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  1. “shitty. too many of’em. so called “indie music” it’s painful. not so good quality of music. u need to try hard enough to get ok Korean indie music so far. some of ‘em r really good. but too many shitty bands but i guess it’s like that everywhere. ”

    It might sound kinda harsh but it’s so true. Loved it.

  2. I loled when he said ‘shitty’… But, I didn’t knew this band… But I just loved the interview so I’ll give them a try XD

  3. I love answers! She is very honest and I love it. Not many people would say that there a lot of shitty kindie bands or it’s hard to survive in music industry.

  4. Her honesty is refreshing. It’s nice to hear the truth. I would love to hear her thoughts on idol groups……..I know it would be pure gold.

    I agree with her to an extent about Korean indie music though. It’s not that it’s shitty……it’s just too safe. Everything sounds the same: strumming on a guitar, singing ballad-rock or some musical fusion similar to that. The indie music scene needs more color. More boldness and other forms of experimentation would really add some much needed ummph.

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