Listening to 기리보이‘s style of hip-hop is a little different from the majority of Korean hip-hop. It has a stronger feeling of being a little more indie. Even with guest vocalists like Beenzino and Uglyduck, the production of the album sounds simpler than some of the albums. But even the simplicity can’t hide the complex arrangements found on the album.

giriboy lethal album II

The beats and samples of Giriboy’s songs are a mixture of fun grooves and interesting rhythms. The mix of 치명적인 앨범 II doesn’t meet the same bass heavy sound of hip-hop artists like Dok2 or MC Sniper and has more familiarity with recent Verbal Jint.

It’s a laid-back style of hip-hop where the song plays out steadily without worrying about how much time is being taken. It’s a great hip-hop album for people looking for hip-hop that’s not as focused on instrumentals.

기리보이’s album is another great example of how good Korean hip-hop is inside the borders of the country.

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